Crime Doesn't Pay (their taxes)

  • Came up with the plan to create a cascade of very minor issues on Bespin to keep Lobot occupied while we do the e-heist proper
  • Cor gathers some info on the black market and acquires explosives
  • Kreq gathers info on some likely docking bays where we can cause trouble
  • At the meet & greet

    • Garel Hun and Chara Tal – possible lovers, team of racers
    • "The Carbine" funded by the Hutts and Garulo
    • Taryn Razor, Cloud City's own Curt Hawkins
    • Kreq's nickname is "Ambrose", using the name of the former recordholder of the Kessel Run
    • Caltho the Hutt – traditional Hutt
    • Basically all the NPCs we've met so far
    • Trye Ordas, renowned professor at University of Sombra (togruda academic)

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